Living History

Living History presentations show, as accurately as possible, aspects of life as it may have been in the 1640s. Living history portrayal usually involves demonstrating everyday activities or common trades, skills and crafts. 

What we do
Cook, seamstress, scrivener, printer, alehouse keeper, apothecary, woodworker, paper-maker, surgeon, siege engineer, lace-maker, master gunner, shotte-maker, preacher, blacksmith, knitter, basket-maker, weaver, hurdle-maker, merchant……… you may find all these and more in our civilian and military living history presentations, plus many ordinary soldiers too. 

We can help you grow a skill or interest into a living history presentation, or you can work with others to learn their craft.  There’s no acting involved; we simply have a conversation with our visitors. Help is always needed in the background to chop wood, stir a pot, serve food, watch the kids, or fetch and carry for others when things are busy.  If you just want to relax, play dice or cards, or even snooze, that’s good, too!

A large living history campsite
Merchant’s wife, with her display of crewel embroidery
Shotte-maker (casting lead musket balls)