English Civil War artillery pieces (cannons) were an effective weapon of war, but costly and complicated to operate.  There were three types of cannon: siege guns, heavy field pieces (Culverin, demi-Culverin), and light field pieces (Saker, Drake, Minion, Falconet, Robinet). Artillerymen were highly skilled and much in demand, and would often change sides for more money. 

What do we do?
The crew of ‘Nancy’, our Drake Minion, load and fire the gun, cleaning and priming her between shots, as well as moving her around the battlefield. Every gun crew member has a specific job, and an experienced gun captain coordinates the work. Safety is of paramount importance when working on an artillery piece. 

We also take part in living history displays, talking about the guns, the role and function of artillery, and our work.
Find out about Jericho, our wall gun